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Some would say nothing is impossible, but staring at the stacks of CDs waiting to be imported onto my new computer, I’m feeling like this is an unworldly challenge. Even, though I’m constantly on a quest for new bands to listen to and classic albums to hear, it’s astonishing to me the amount of music […]

I borrowed a friend’s guitar tonight for a little impromptu campfire singalong, and realized how much I missed playing guitar. It’s been less than a week, that I’ve been out of Philly and home visiting my family, but that’s definitely enough time for me to yearn for some acoustic strumming. I sort of left the […]

For months, I’ve been meaning to start a personal music blog. I said I didn’t have the time during the semester to get it off and running. Well, now I have time, and here it is. I do a lot of music writing, and I do even more thinking about music, and I definitely need […]