An impossible task?


Some would say nothing is impossible, but staring at the stacks of CDs waiting to be imported onto my new computer, I’m feeling like this is an unworldly challenge.

Even, though I’m constantly on a quest for new bands to listen to and classic albums to hear, it’s astonishing to me the amount of music I’ve collected over the last several years. Hundreds upon hundreds of CDs fill the shelves of my bedroom back home here, and tons more await me, when I return to Philadelphia. Now, my objective is to put together a full and complete iTunes library of everything I’ve got, and it’s no easy thing.

In the process, however, I’ve been listening to all kinds of stuff along the way, and it’s really fun to brush over so many different bands and genres. I’ve rediscovered bands who originally helped grow my passion for music like U2 and Aerosmith. I’ve also discovered and learned to appreciate other gems I must have previously overlooked like the Postal Service.

In so many cases, our perception of things is so closely related to our current perspective. I’m hearing some of the same songs now, with a totally different ear than the one with which I heard them in high school or middle school. It’s times like these, you really realize the power music can have.

I’m in awe.

But I better get back to importing CDs. I’m gonna be up for a long time.

Here’s what I’ve got playing right now. It’s U2’s haunting cover of Patti Smith’s “Dancing Barefoot.” Check it out:


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