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I regretfully haven’t blogged on Rhythm and Melody as much as I would like to since arriving in London at the beginning of the month. But that’s partly because I’ve been doing writing for other places as well. Our class has been contributing to three separate blogs. Some of this content will likely end up […]

A few days ago, I finally made the long-awaited pilgrimage to Abbey Road. The famous crosswalk in front of Abbey Road Studios is still right where it was in the late 60s, when the Beatles walked across it for the photo that became one of the most iconic album covers in history. I took the […]

I’m starting to feel more and more at home in London. I understand the Tube (subway) system and can figure out how to get pretty much anywhere. I’ve given tourists directions. And while I may not have seen even close to everything there is, waiting for me to see, I’m starting to finally get a […]

Don’t be alarmed. That title is just a Smith’s reference. Everything is fine here. Way more than fine, to be honest. I know I should be writing on here a lot more, but we’ve just been out and about doing everything we can do, every day. I can’t say I’ve been getting too much sleep, […]

I suppose I didn’t waste much time. I bought I guitar yesterday from a very nice woman in Fulham, a little neighborhood just to the south of us. It’s an old vintage acoustic guitar, very different from the one I play back home, and it will serve me just fine over the next few weeks. […]

“Half the world away/ I’ve been lost, I’ve been found/ But I don’t feel down.” Perhaps no more fitting a song could have been playing over the PA upon my first steps into an English pub than one of my favorite Oasis songs, a B-side from the band’s earlier days. See, here’s the thing: I’ve […]

Free Energy’s debut LP, Stuck to Nothing, begins with the band’s title song (yes, they’ve got a song called “Free Energy”) – perhaps the one of the most hooktastic songs ever to come out of Philadelphia. From the opening vocal slam, “We’re breaking out this time,” to the arena rock electric guitars to the cowbell-laden […]