Rapid Review: Free Energy, Stuck on Nothing


Free Energy’s debut LP, Stuck to Nothing, begins with the band’s title song (yes, they’ve got a song called “Free Energy”) – perhaps the one of the most hooktastic songs ever to come out of Philadelphia.

From the opening vocal slam, “We’re breaking out this time,” to the arena rock electric guitars to the cowbell-laden backbeat, it’s immediately apparent that Free Energy fully understands the catchy formula they’ve so mastered on the album’s tight ten songs.

The snappy two word song titles are alone just as intriguing and catchy as the tightly woven guitar melodies that flood them (“Bang Pop,” “Dark Trance,” “Young Hearts,” to name a few).

On the extra Thin Lizzy-ish “Bad Stuff,” a driving bass melody leads a slew of guitars through mysterious interludes toward a cathartic outro.

The record’s final track is the easy going “Wild Winds,” a mid-tempoed but exuberant finale complete with the fanfare of horns and ecstatic guitar solos. As the chorus of instruments let ring the final note of the album, there’s an enormous sense of elation and conclusion.

From start to finish, Stuck to Nothing is a fun listen, and there’s no doubt, we’ll be hearing much more from these bright stars of Fishtown.

Rating: 4 out of 5 PBR cans.

Last Word: These guys are starting to make Fishtown look like Brooklyn.

A keg from the PBC and all. Damn, I wanna be at their next party.


One Response to “Rapid Review: Free Energy, Stuck on Nothing”

  1. You are so ready for hipster status, Kev.

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