Panic on the streets of London


Don’t be alarmed. That title is just a Smith’s reference. Everything is fine here. Way more than fine, to be honest.

I know I should be writing on here a lot more, but we’ve just been out and about doing everything we can do, every day. I can’t say I’ve been getting too much sleep, and it doesn’t particularly bother me.

Here are a few of those photos I was promising. Some were taken last week, on our bus trip. The others come from my random travels around the city.

The Thames River from the Millenium Bridge, with the London Eye on the left and Big Ben on the right.

St. Paul's Cathedral, from down the street.

Trafalgar Square, from the North side.

The Albert Memorial (left) and Royal Albert Hall (right), from Hyde Park.

A walkway through Hyde Park.

Kensington Palace, the former home of Princess Diana.

An interesting street performer outside South Kensington Station.

Night buses zoom past Trafalgar Square.

Walkway from the Embankment Station.

Chinatown in Soho.

One of the canal locks in Camden Town.

I’ve seen a lot of amazing places in London so far, and I’ve got plenty more to see. I’ve also met some great people, seen all sorts of live music and come up with some great story ideas, which hopefully will play out over the next week.

Tonight we’re off to the theatre to see 39 Steps, which I hear is really entertaining.

I will do my best to keep up with blogging from now on. Many more pictures and updates to come.


One Response to “Panic on the streets of London”

  1. Sleep doesn’t matter, you’re in LONDON! Enjoy it while you can. Love the photos, by the way. Keep ’em coming! 🙂

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