Other things I’ve written from London


I regretfully haven’t blogged on Rhythm and Melody as much as I would like to since arriving in London at the beginning of the month.

But that’s partly because I’ve been doing writing for other places as well.

Our class has been contributing to three separate blogs. Some of this content will likely end up in our magazine, but for now, the blogs are updated every day.

The music blog, I Rock London, is the one to which I most contribute, naturally. There, you’ll be able to read a lot of short write-ups on various live performances we attend around the city, as well as other London musical happenings.

There’s also Picture London, a photo blog, and London Bridged, a lifestyle blog that includes fashion, food and just about everything else.

Credit the snappy blog names to one George Miller, who will be very pleased to see them get more hits, so please check them out. My classmates have written some amazing stuff and taken some fantastic images. The three blogs really do encompass our London experience, and it’s a great glimpse into the stuff we’ve been up to.

I also have begun a weekly(ish) column for Philadelphia Weekly on their music blog, Make Major Moves. The first installment is the much more detailed personal narrative of my Abbey Road excursion.

I’ve been working like mad on a few different stories at once lately. I recently had the chance to meet and interview two really interesting bands, which I’ll definitely tell you all about very soon. More photos are also on the way. But first, sleep.


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