Two great London bands I’ve come across


Hopping around to all different kinds of shows all over London and meeting with record label folks, it was pretty natural I was going to happen upon some terrific, largely undiscovered musical talent. I’m working on stories about two bands in particular, and I just wanted to tell you a bit about them.

A quartet of schoolmates, all age 18, Filthy Boy craft mysterious, unpredictable and sometimes volatile rock songs. I met up with brothers Paraic (guitar/vocals) and Michael Morrissey (bass) in the band’s practice space (an eclectic room in their dad’s Southeast London flat) along with Harry Weskin (guitar) and Ben Deschamps (drums).

Harry Weskin (left) rocking out with Michael Morrissey (right).

There, I watched as they hammered out all the details of a brand new song, with the brothers leading the charge through a dark but enchanting progression strew with minor chord changes, while Harry tinkered with intricate lead guitar riffing and Ben beat the crap out of his kit.

Filthy Boy has got a few upcoming gigs, one tomorrow night, at Proud in Camden Town, that I can’t wait to check out.

Earlier this week, I caught up with The Brute Chorus, a tremendously inventive rock band that blends older styles like rockabilly into a complex, atmospheric formula.

I swung by a music video shoot for their upcoming single, “Heaven” in an old, backwoodsy East London cemetery, and then had a few drinks with them at a nearby pub afterward. Lead singer James Steel opened up to me about the origins of the band, his writing process and the band’s new record (How the Caged Bird Sings, due in September).

I’ll be writing in-depth profiles on both of these bands for our magazine, and I’ll be sure to keep you updated on them and post the “Heaven” video when it goes live, probably next week.


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