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A few weeks ago, I caught up with the Brute Chorus, an incredible London rock band, at a video shoot for their brand new single, “Heaven.” It was shot at Abney Park Cemetery, a very cool, old backwoods graveyard in northeast London. The video follows lead vocalist James Steel as he leads a procession through […]

It’s been an amazingly busy and musical couple of weeks. And it’s pathetic I haven’t updated in a week, but again, it’s just impossible to do everything London has to offer and find enough time to sit inside, typing on a computer. Here’s a rundown of some of the other things I’ve been doing. The […]

Hopping around to all different kinds of shows all over London and meeting with record label folks, it was pretty natural I was going to happen upon some terrific, largely undiscovered musical talent. I’m working on stories about two bands in particular, and I just wanted to tell you a bit about them. A quartet […]

I regretfully haven’t blogged on Rhythm and Melody as much as I would like to since arriving in London at the beginning of the month. But that’s partly because I’ve been doing writing for other places as well. Our class has been contributing to three separate blogs. Some of this content will likely end up […]

A few days ago, I finally made the long-awaited pilgrimage to Abbey Road. The famous crosswalk in front of Abbey Road Studios is still right where it was in the late 60s, when the Beatles walked across it for the photo that became one of the most iconic album covers in history. I took the […]

I’m starting to feel more and more at home in London. I understand the Tube (subway) system and can figure out how to get pretty much anywhere. I’ve given tourists directions. And while I may not have seen even close to everything there is, waiting for me to see, I’m starting to finally get a […]

Don’t be alarmed. That title is just a Smith’s reference. Everything is fine here. Way more than fine, to be honest. I know I should be writing on here a lot more, but we’ve just been out and about doing everything we can do, every day. I can’t say I’ve been getting too much sleep, […]