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No better time


“Start a fucking band,” writes my friend and former journalism professor George Miller, quite forcibly, in his editor’s letter of the newly released, newly redesigned Fall issue of JUMP magazine. Just over a year ago, George, myself and about fifteen other Temple students were putting together the prototype for JUMP in London, and documenting every […]

Maybe it was inevitable. And it’s probably pessimistic to think that you’re bound to get jumped at some point, but living in Philadelphia for four plus years, and being the adventurer I am, I was probably naive to think that I could get by completely unscathed forever. Justin and I finally put together the Wednesday […]



In case you’ve never tried doing it, starting up a new band and giving it the kind of push to really, seriously make things happen is a giant ball of frustration. It is a painful, painstaking process that relies on other people’s more or less blind support, as many of them have never heard or […]

My first record


When I moved back home with my parents near Allentown, PA, after graduating from Temple in August, I had a lot of time on my hands. I had very few friends who still lived in this area. I had a hard time ever being motivated to do anything. Most of the time I felt completely […]

Music and beer


With four straight days off, I decided to take the weekend to the place I hope to move back to by the summer, Philadelphia. And the weekend revolved around the two things most associated with my trips to Philly over the last half a year: music and Philadelphia beer. On the beer front, this time, […]

Dr. Dog – “Shadow People” – Shame, Shame I popped Dr. Dog’s Shame, Shame into my car’s CD player today for probably the millionth time since its release last spring. “Shadow People” still struck me the same way it always has: pure musical bliss. Scott McMicken’s strained, high-octave vocals ring out over a jangly acoustic […]

The one thing I’ve always struggled with in music journalism (granted, I haven’t done much of that recently) is maintaining the balance between Kevin Brosky, the aspiring music journalist, and Kevin Brosky, the crazed music fanatic. See the problem is (at least, I think it’s a problem), I am and have always been a music […]