No better time


Start a fucking band,” writes my friend and former journalism professor George Miller, quite forcibly, in his editor’s letter of the newly released, newly redesigned Fall issue of JUMP magazine.

Just over a year ago, George, myself and about fifteen other Temple students were putting together the prototype for JUMP in London, and documenting every glimpse we could catch of the city’s music scene. I was living a dream life, one I may  never even come close to again. Realistically, since moving back to Philadelphia and starting a job in the airline industry, I’ve drifted farther and farther from music and journalism, the more overtime hours I’ve compiled, hoping to stay afloat and pay rent.

The point JUMP‘s editor and publisher was trying to make in his was that times are about as rough as they could be. The economy, government, the City of Philadelphia, etc. Everything has gone to shit, basically, but what a better time than to channel your energy and frustrations into something creative.

“The best music was born out of difficult times,” he argues. “So, channel your energy. Find your passion. Find an audience. Fuck the workday world and their consumer culture.”

He concludes:

“Where we were once the ‘Workshop of the World,’ Philadelphia is now a city that needs a reason to exist. To me, music could be our raison d’etre. That should be what we’re known for.”

George’s column inspired a lot of strong emotions in me. While I felt empowered by his strong message, I felt indignant at the ease which he presumed such a venture would take.

The inner struggle playing out my mind over the past few months has centered around my desire to use my little amounts of free time in a productive and creative way. Such a task is much easier said than done, however. Truly, one my life’s most prevalent goals is to be in a serious band. A collaborative, adventurous project comprised of equal parts, working toward common goals.

And maybe George is absolutely right. Maybe this is it.

Well, after thinking about it for a few days, I’ve decided the time is now. For the next couple weeks, I’m hoping to jam and collaborate with as many people as possible, and I’ll be open to whatever results might come of those sessions. Hopefully it’s a band, but if it’s not, it will likely broaden my horizons in some positive way.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a Craigslist ad to post.

You can pick up the latest edition of JUMP in a bunch of place all around Philadelphia, or check it out online. George Miller’s awesome editor’s letter is on page 5.


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